Ramen – No Pork!

My wife was feeling rather hungry and in a particular mood for ramen, after all, our meetings finished after Sabbath, so, she suggested to try this one ramen place. They advertised that you can not only order without pork, but that they don’t use pork in the broth.

So off we went.

I wasn’t particularly wanting to eat noodles – I’m a curry lover – and after walking to Shibuya from Harajuku, then wandering around trying to find the place, I was ready to give up. When we did indeed reach the place I was kinda disheartened when I saw the vending machine to place the order. Anyway, I read the menu – no vegetarian. Bummer. But they did have a notice in English stating they don’t make it with pork and just ask for “No pork” when ordering. So I got an egg instead.

Normally ramen is made by boiling pork bones for a while to get the taste, so up until this day I hadn’t had restaurant ramen; I was pleasantly surprised.

The restaurant was very clean, staff professional and fast, quantity was plentiful. There were no exclusive vegetarian choices but most dishes can have any meat removed because all dishes are combined at order-time.

Four basic types:

  • Standard ramen
  • Rice ramen
  • Dipping ramen
  • Clear noodle ramen

We had rice ramen and standard ramen – both tasted good while not breaking the bank.

I checked the allergen info sheet on their website and they dont list any surprises.
Worth trying out for the chance to eat guilt free real ramen.

Kamukura Ramen, Shibuya direction map

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