Solicitation of Funds or Accommodation

Due to the increased attention our church has received with the ease of access our web site provides we are now in need to inform those who wish to inquire about donations or accommodation the following.

Solicitation of Funds

Taken from the SDA Church Manual, 2010 Edition, Chapter Finance, Section General Financial Counsel, Page 133

Regulation of Soliciting Funds– The following are regulations for soliciting funds:

1. No conference, church or institution, without special counsel and arrangement, shall plan work requiring solicitation of funds from outside its territory. Any solicitation within its territory shall be in harmony with local, union, division, and General Conference policies.

In brief, although the Tokyo International Church is always willing to consider and help with the needs of those who knock on our doors, we cannot respond to personal solicitation of funds, unless communication is done through the appropriate channels, as above indicated.

Requests for Accommodation

The Tokyo International Church does not have church housing, or accommodation, nor space within a church building that we can make use of for these purposes.

Considering that Japan is notorious for its small housing and high cost of rent, residents of Japanese cities live in housing with no excess space; Thus, the Tokyo International Church leadership cannot place such a burden on the membership for accommodation requests.