“Ye have heard that it was said” series

The ten commandments are known to some extent by virtually all people, Christian or not. They have been discussed, explained, preached on and talked about so often that it is very easy to believe that we know all there is to know about the all-important words that were written in stone by God Himself for all generations. However, the Decalogue carries meaning so deep and significance so far-reaching to be exhausted even with all the numerous studies and research that have been conducted thus far.

This quarter, we will revisit the words of life as they were spoken by God both on the mount of Sinai and when He walked among men in the flesh. We will explore each commandment and see how it applies to much more than we think. After all, the words express the mind of Him whose ways are higher than our ways as the heavens are higher than the Earth (Isaiah 55:8,9). We won’t attempt to cover everything but rather to shed some new light on our understanding of the meaning and application of each commandment.

Please join us from this Sabbath as we go through this series and remember to not only learn but also apply and share!

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