About TIC

Tokyo SDA International Church, or more commonly known as TIC, grew out of the need for foreign nationals in Tokyo to meet and worship in English over 20 years ago. The church has grown to support a membership of around 80 people coming from diverse countries around the globe, such as the Philippines, India, Kenya, the UK, Colombia, Brazil and Australia without forgetting our Japanese members.

Weekly Activities

All services and programs are in English
Midweek Connection Wednesdays 7:00PM Class Room (B1)
Sabbath School Saturdays 9:00AM Social Hall (1F)
Divine Service Saturdays 10:30AM Social Hall (1F)
Prayer Meeting Saturdays 1:30PM Seminar Room (B1)
Afternoon Program Saturdays 2:30PM Seminar Room (B1)
World Sabbath Twice a year (Announced) Social Hall (1F)